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We offer an extensive range of training and continuing professional development opportunities to corporate clients, school staff and children’s work force professionals:

Corporate Clients:

  • Emotionally Literate Staff
  • Emotionally Literate Managers


Schools / Children’s Workforce:

Achievement –

  • Understanding and Breaking Down Barriers to Learning
  • Action Planning, Target Setting, Session Planning For Success
  • 101 Ideas for Enhancing Achievement
  • Learning Mentoring As A Process – Good Practice Guidance (Advanced Learning Mentor Practitioner Skills)
  • Practical Skills for Working with Groups
  • Practical Skill for Working with Parents/Carers


Teaching –

  • Understanding EL to Enhance Teaching and Learning
  • Understanding Self Esteem to Enhance Teaching and Learning
  • Recognising, Understanding and Breaking Down Barriers to Teaching and Learning


Behaviour and Safety –

  • An Introduction to Emotional Literacy
  • An Introduction to Self Esteem
  • An Emotionally Literate Approach to Behaviour Change
  • Setting Up an Emotionally Literate Anti-Bullying Programme
  • An Emotionally Literate Approach to Facilitating Effective Peer Support
  • Understanding and Addressing Issues Surrounding Gang Culture
  • Practical Skills for Supporting Transition and Transfer
  • Safeguarding (Ourselves and Others) – A Whole School Approach
  • Emotionally Literate Staff


Leadership and Management –

  • Emotionally Literate Managers
  • Managing a (Learning) Mentoring Programme


Higher Education:

Apprenticeship Training – 

  • Pre-apprentice Training


* Note – any of the above titles can be delivered in-house as whole day, half day or twilight sessions.

For more details on any of our titles or to discuss any other training needs that you might have, contact us on 020 3322 3121 or at

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