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Nikkola Daniel Associates continues to work in partnership with Dr Rony Berger who developed the ERASE-Stress programme. ERASE-Stress stands for Enhancing Resiliency Among Students Experiencing Stress and we aim to begin UK rollout in 2017. Dr Berger is a senior clinical psychologist and a family and child therapist who is an internationally recognized expert in dealing with the psychological preparation for and aftermath of terrorism and other major disasters. ERASE-Stress has been developed as a direct result of the work and research that Dr Berger has been carrying out for many years with children experiencing the aftermath of traumatic experiences. The ERASE-Stress program is a research based, whole school approach to support and strengthen the natural resiliency of children and young people. As a whole school approach it avoids stigmatisation of targeted children and also serves as a preventative tool for supporting the wellbeing of the school community, students, staff and parents/carers alike.

Program Goals –

The goals of the program are as follows:

  • To provide students with a rational framework with which they can understand and normalize their stress-related reactions.
  • To help students identify and strengthen their natural coping resources.
  • To equip students with specific stress-related coping skills.
  • To help students develop resiliency strategies.
  • To improve students’ body awareness and control.
  • To teach students how to verbalize their feelings and to adopt affect-modulation skills.
  • To develop students’ stress-control cognitive strategies and the capacity for positive and optimistic thinking.
  • To strengthen students’ social ties and improve their social skills.
  • To enhance teachers’ resiliency and strengthen their coping skills.
  • To assist teachers in identifying students who are at risk of developing stress-related disorders.

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