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Jack Hullah – Apprentice (London)

Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 2

“This training was a great experience and helped me to understand and work with young people.”


Amanda Reeve – School Support (London SE)

An Introduction Into Mindfulness

“Amazing days training! Would recommend to whole school. Will also relate back to SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) and SLT (Senior Leadership Team).”


Mariko Rawes-Tadai – Teaching Assistant (London N12)

An Emotionally Literate Approach  to Behaviour

“Nikkola was very approachable and welcoming from the start. I shared and practiced emotional literacy which was new to us. I can now input the knowledge into my classes and children from your sessions. Thank you very much!”


Bill Atkin – Apprentice (London SE)

Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 2

“This training has been fun and interactive. I have learnt a lot and found it easier to understand what to do when typing up my coursework.”


Hayley Jules-Davie – Apprenticeship Training Partnership Observer (Sussex Coast College)

“Excellent planning that had taken into account the level and different learning styles of the students.

Excellent variety of LAT resources to engage and promote independent and small group work.

Effective questioning techniques that were directed to every student, to check understanding. You (Nikkola) also used this to stretch and challenge the students if needed.”

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