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Nikkola Daniel Associates

Nikkola Daniel Associates was formed by Nikkola Daniel in 2004 and has delivered services to individuals and corporate clients in schools, local authorities and businesses across the UK. Over the years we have adapted our core area of service delivery to include Education, Health and Wellbeing with a strong emphasis on wellness of the mind, body and heart. All of our Associates are experienced / accomplished in their respective fields and enjoy carrying out their work, keeping abreast of the latest developments in the fields of Education, Health and Nutrition, Mental Health and Wellbeing. Our services are offered off the peg or tailor made to each individual client, whichever is preferable to fully meet the needs of the children, young people and adults that we support. We are always interested in working with clients in new and innovative ways and welcome enquiries or suggestions as to how our services might support even the most unconventional of needs in line with our mantra of eat, learn, love.. so please, get in touch!

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