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In the first of the series, hosted at Work.Life Clerkenwell, we will be joined by Nikkola Daniel, nutritional therapist, consultant and Wellbeing Director at Republic.London.


Wellness has replaced sustainability as the key trend in today’s workplace – Interview Feature (2017)

The research shows that 76 per cent of workers struggle with wellbeing and the workplace is a major cause of that stress. Meanwhile work-related illness is blamed for a lost 27 million working days in 2014-15 costing the UK economy an estimated £13.4bn. Republic London has appointed a full-time wellness director. Nikkola Daniel, a qualified nutritional therapist.


Are children naturally empathetic? Can you teach care and compassion?  Jenni speaks to Nikkola Daniel, an education consultant who works in schools, teaching social and emotional literacy and Elizabeth Hartley Brewer, author of a number of parenting books and child development expert.
An ethos born in the classroom. Daniel Favre, Katherine Weare, Rony Berger and Nikki Daniel are among the speakers at the Empathy and Compassion in Society conference for education, health and social care professionals.
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