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During this very difficult time, there are a lot of conflicting messages that we are all receiving. Below is some reputable information on various topics linked to supporting your wellness and wellbeing that you may find useful. Please bear in mind that things are constantly changing and information may be regularly updated as things evolve, so at times information shared may be slightly out of date.


The Government has published a Corona Virus Outbreak FAQs page that includes information on what you can and can’t do at this time.

MIND, a leading metal health organisation have compiled some useful information about Corona Virus and your Wellbeing.

Yale University is offering a free online course The Science of Well-Being that teaches you how to be happier.

The Relational School is offering free online psychological support for frontline NHS staff involved in the current COVID-19 crisis.

Nikkola Daniel Associates is starting a new cycle of Eat Learn Love Healthy Lifestyle Challenges to support making healthier lifestyle choices at this challenging time of COVID-19. Sign up to our free platform, get great tips and guidance to help you establish new healthy habits, take part in our weekly challenges (starting 13th April 2020) and access our community forums via our social media channels.


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