Staff Risk Assessments

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Staff Risk Assessments

The NDAWellness app serves to:

  • Assess stress and wellness in staff (by staff completing an assessment on the app covering work based risk factors + 11 dimensions of wellness)
  • Support staff wellbeing (as all staff receive a comprehensive, confidential, personalised report based on their answers given in the assessment)
  • Inform the broader staff wellness strategy (by using anonymous analytical data generated from the results of the completed assessments, which can provide an accurate insight into the exact needs of the staff population taking the guess work out of planning)


Clients will receive:

  • Comprehensive, confidential, personalised reports for all staff (includes suggested recommendations for improvement at individualised level)
  • Analytic report for the organisation identifying patterns / trends / and behaviours across the work force highlighting issues and areas of concern (includes suggested recommendations for improvement at organisational level)
  • Option to incorporate your organisations current wellness strategy into the suggested recommendations for staff making for a tailored platform rather than one generic version expected to work effectively for all companies / organisations (g. if you are already running yoga onsite on Tuesday evenings staff can be sign posted towards this, or if you want to sign post towards the employee assistance programme you can, generating awareness and working with the current plan that is already in place)


Features include:LandingPageRotationImage2

  • User friendly self-assessment form
  • Useful health tools (calculating body mass index, weight to height ratio, waist to hip ratio etc)
  • A staff discounts page on products and services offered by our partners
  • Information on our lifestyle partners (such as Action for Happiness , Green Gym and Olio) to encourage and inspire healthier lifestyle choices
  • Opportunity to join our Eat Learn Love community providing ongoing weekly challenges, useful tips, advice and guidance
  • Available via PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phones (on both apple and android)


Benefits to the organisation include:

  • Ability to take a proactive approach to assessing risk, rather than just being reactionary
  • Ability to support high volumes of staff individually, in a personalised way with regards to their particular stress and wellness needs
  • Potential to use analytical data to inform a more focused, structured wellness strategy going forward with a view to working towards reducing stress in the workplace and reducing staff absence and staff sickness costs, whilst potentially also boosting levels of staff resilience, mental health, wellness and wellbeing
  • Ability to go above and beyond in meeting the legal health and safety requirements for both assessing and addressing staff stress risk
  • Ability to work in partnership with staff regarding a joint approach to improving health, wellness and wellbeing across the workforce. Rather than it just being seen as the job of an organisation to take care of its staff. The more effective strategy is one that holds both parties accountable and supports both in fulfilling its role for the benefit of all. The app enables organisations to provide staff with an accessible user friendly platform that in turn empowers and encourages each individual to also take responsibility and be proactive in the pursuit of their own optimum wellness, benefitting both parties, serving as a win / win situation
  • Ability to use app as evidence of comprehensive, personalised wellness and wellbeing support provided to all staff


Benefits to staff include:


  • A free personalised holistic wellness report
  • Tailored information, tips and guidance regarding possible next steps for minimising stress and optimising overall wellness
  • Access to discount offers relating to holistic health and wellness products and services

Please note – this is not a diagnostic tool, rather an assessment and information platform.

This platform should be used to effectively assess the risk of stress in staff by using a holistic approach which looks at all dimensions of wellness (not just emotional wellbeing), to get a more accurate and thorough overview of an individual’s potential to need (or not) additional assistance linked to work based stress, which is a legal requirement for the organisation to provide.

Importantly, it gives staff a personalised picture of their current wellness status and information to enable them to make informed decisions about what practically, they could be / should be doing, if they want to be functioning at optimum wellness in both their personal and professional lives (as they are essentially intertwined).

Equally as important, it gives the organisation the necessary analytical data and opportunity to make better informed decisions regarding which areas of wellness need are priorities and which specific solutions are most suitable for building a happier, healthier, resilient, more robust, more effective, more efficient and more productive workforce, which essentially what every company or organisation wants.

To discuss this further please contact me to arrange a consultation meeting, where I will be happy to answer any queries you might have.

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