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Benefits of Drinking Water

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Benefits of Drinking Water?

Why should we do it?

Technical answer:
Our bodies are made up of about 60% water and it’s extremely important that we stay hydrated for optimum health.

At this time of COVID-19, we really need to be doing all we can to help our bodies help us! Some key points to bear in mind:

  • We need water to carry oxygen to cells.
  • By drinking the right amount of water, our bodies have a greater chance of functioning properly – brain, cells, tissues, organs.. the whole shebang!!!
  • We are also reducing the chance of toxins building up which is super important as excess toxins in the body impact negatively on the immune system.

Non-technical answer:

If we’re not drinking enough water (which we know is good for us), we’ve got to be drinking something, and it’s usually all sorts of other stuff that deep down we know really isn’t good for us. Sorry guys..just keeping it real!


EatAdditional Benefits

There are many great additional benefits to drinking more water, I already mentioned the fact that it reduces toxicity build up in the body. You’ll find that you visit the loo more, but this is a good thing because your body is basically flushing out all of those nasty toxins each time you have a wee. Just think of it as nature’s way of keeping a clean house..Lovely! (Side note – lockdown is the perfect time to get started with drinking more as you’re already at home and don’t have to worry about getting caught short if you need to go. In my experience, it does get better.. that’s not necessarily because you won’t need to go as much as time goes on, it’s just that you’ll worry about it less when drinking enough water throughout the day simply becomes habit.. and not one that you are prepared to stop doing!)  

Quick fact – “It is not actually water itself that flushes out the toxins. It is rather that the water aids the liver and kidneys in ridding the body of waste products.”

Another great reason to drink water is that the brain is in fact made up of mostly water. Drinking more water can boost our concentration, raise our energy levels and make us more alert. So whether you’re at work, rest or play, you can’t go wrong. Even a minimal lack of water (dehydration), can cause us to feel irritable and have mood swings. So drinking water is super important at this time of needing to achieve and maintain positive mental health in ourselves, due to the onslaught (for many of us) of stresses and strains linked to the knock on effects of the virus.

Dehydration is also often mistaken as hunger. Quite often when we are eating, we are not actually hungry.. we’re thirsty. This can lead to a higher intake of calories (which for many of us is already currently even higher than normal due to us comfort eating our way through COVID – no judgement!), leading to weight gain, which in itself can have a negative effect on our health and our body’s ability to maintain wellness at a time when we really need it.


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