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Tips to Get You Drinking More Water

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Tips to Get You Drinking More Water

If you’re a tea or coffee drinker this can be one of the major barriers to getting in more pure H20. Whilst there is water in alternative beverages such as tea, coffee and juice etc, they are often also loaded with additional ‘baddies’ such as caffeine and unrefined sugar, that isn’t good for us. So if you can’t initially cut those things out/down, then try drinking a glass of water every time before you drink your tea/coffee etc. The idea being that by the time you drink a whole glass of water, you’ll feel less inclined to want the other stuff. It can take some resolve to wean yourself off, but this method work’s for some.. try giving it a go and see if it works for you

Get yourself a 2 litre bottle that you fill at the start of the day and carry that around with you and sip as you go about you daily life. It’s a really easy way to accurately gauge how much you’ve drunk. Most of us believe that we drink more water than we actually do. Don’t fall into that’ll only be cheating yourself

EatGet jazzy with it! Play around with adding natural ingredients to your water, to add flavour. For example, infusing your water with cucumber adds a really refreshing kick. (Side tip – eat some slices of cucumber whilst you’re making up a batch of cucumber water and you’ll get the added benefit of the nutrients found in cucumbers such as vitamins A and K, calcium, potassium and phosphorous, going towards your 5 a day..Nicely done!) My favourite water infusion combo is strawberry and mint.

Another fab fav of mine is lemon grass, orange and blueberry. Have fun with it and post your own favourite infusion combinations on social media and tag us in to let us know how you’re getting on!”

As a further boost (although not a replacement for drinking the good stuff, to up your intake of that lovely little thing otherwise known as H20 you can eat foods that contain water such as apples, oranges, spinach, tomatoes, celery, strawberries  and of course the previously mentioned cucumber which has the highest water content of any food.”

Many, (including myself) swear by drinking a large glass of fresh lemon water in the morning which I believe helps the liver recouperate after it’s nights work of processing waste, or a glass of warm water with sliced lemon which has benefits such as helping to balance PH levels.

“Try not to drink too much water too close to bed time, as it can affect your sleep which is counteractive to trying to build new healthy habits!”

Good Luck in getting started! Let me know how you get on!


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